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2nd Gear problems?
Noisy bearings?
Leaking rear casing?

Several of the Porsche gearboxes will occasionally experience a '2nd gear pop out issue.'
There are a number of ways to address the problem, one is a costly rebuild with a Porsche specialist or service centre, another much more cost effective and convenient option is to purchase a fully refurbished, rebuilt and upgraded Porsche Gearbox from Porsche We will supply an off the shelve replacement gearbox to keep your
pride and joy on the road.

We have all the necessary parts,tooling and experience to repair these gearboxes right first time, when you order a gearbox from us you can be assured of a quality product backed up by our 12 month unlimited mileage warranty.
We are very specialised in this area, we have got all the tooling to set your pinion height and final drive up.

We are one of the very few companies in the UK that specialise in reconditioning the Porsche 997 and Boxster 987 6 speed manual transmissions.
In addition we are able to recondition all Porsche gearboxes, this will save you thousands of pounds on a replacement new item and takes out the fear of a second hand unit.
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